Split EP with Too Many Teeth

by Oxen Free

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released January 4, 2014



all rights reserved


Oxen Free Fort Collins, Colorado

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Track Name: Everywhere I Turn
Double-crossed a few times
Guilty more often than I'd admit
Carrying the burden
Hoisted on my shoulders full of shit
Follow me to the mountain,
A better vantage point to watch fall
But don't bother pushin'
I will throw my caution to the squall

If I cashed my chips in
Could my winnings ever outweigh the cost?
Is a lesson learned worth all of the friends that I have lost?
Never had a moment that I treasure to much to regret.
Never had a feeling that I wouldn't give up to forget.

If I push on through will I ever get on the right track again?
'Cuz I can't keep moving when everywhere I turn is a dead end
So I'm looking forward, I don't like too much of what's behind
Sunshine on my shoulders,
Sunshine weighing heavy on my mind
Track Name: nevermeltice
You don't know the implications of what you're doing to me,
My feet are freezing, when I brush my teeth my gums bleed
I didn't go to college
I guess I did, but it doesn't count
It's hard to be very impressed with me
Once you know what I'm about

And I don't wanna go to work
And I don't wanna bang the drum all day.
Oh well

On and on and on and on and on
On and on and on and on (on and on and on and on)

Everybody's spreading Christmas cheer
while I am stranded in my house, well
at least I have a house
Track Name: Snooze (I Lose...)
I've got a job for you
I've got a lot of things to do

You wake up first and I hit the snooze
and I get really high when I come to

I'm terrified of you
I don't want to hide from you

You wake up first and I hit the snooze
I'm beet-red, you beat me black and blue
My head feels like it's bound to split in two
But I don't have anything to prove to you

I'm shaking my head in mirrors but that's just for me.
Wanna watch some paint dry with me?
I don't have TV

If you wake up first and I hit the snooze
Won't you leave me with a trail of clues?
'Cuz I have only got one life to lose
And there just ain't enuff cuckaine n' hooch to get me through