Demo 2013

by Oxen Free

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released 31 March 2013
Amos Helvey- Pickin' and grinnin', sangin'
Coleman Mummery- sangin', studio magic, album art


released March 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Oxen Free Fort Collins, Colorado

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Track Name: Blue Ribbon Beer
Woke up this morning whiskey on my breath
Drank a pot of coffee listening to Napalm Death and
Dying Fetus on my stereo
Does me really good down in my soul

Woke up this morning, to myself I said:
"You ain't got nothin' to do, get stoned go back to bed"
and maybe I won't dream of anything
And to myself I began to sing

I don't want know gold medals all I want is a Blue Ribbon Beer
And a ticket out of here
'Cuz I don't wanna waste another year
All I want's a blue ribbon beer

I've got four walls and a bed in which to sink
I'm 21 I've got money to drink
And I don't have to go to church to pray
People preach at me all damn day

Woke up this morning only to find
Nothing in my pockets and nothing on my mind
But I can't stop this ringing in my ears
With your participation award beer
Track Name: Fingers Crossed For Salvation
There's a noose around my neck
But it's looser than you think
I'm just on the brink yeah

I'm a joke but a tame one
More of a loser than you think
I'm just drowning in the drink

Well it goes around
And it came around
And I went aground
In the lost and found

I'm dying of boredom and starvation
Fingers crossed for salvation
I don't know who you are, I don't know who I am
To be honest I think I'm a-lyin'

I'll be sleeping in the gutter
Vagabond but a lame one
But I don't give a fuck

I'm dying of cholera and suffocation
I'm dying of customer appreciation
I'm dying of infuriation
Fingers crossed for salvation
Track Name: God Dammit I Love Jesus!
I was walking down the road and I was feeling low
But then the clouds opened up, shining light on all below
And I saw something green just blowin' in the wind
So I put it in the bank and I repented of my sins

I was walking down the way when I heard somebody say:
"I don't think there's anything too wrong with being gay"
And I said "There's nothing erotic about letting him come in"
And I got on my knees for Jesus and I repented of my sins

Goddammit I love Jesus
Goddammit I love whiskey
Goddammit I love goin' to church
just a little tipsy
Goddamn I love the Bible
If it ain't King James, you can kiss my ass
And I love the sexy bitches in my sunday school class

I was walking down the lane when I heard something strange
Saying: "Why won't God grant me the things I ask for when I pray"
And I said: "Cut the guy some slack, jack, you know he's a busy man.
Just cross your fingers and hope that you're part of his perfect plan


I was walking down the road and I was feeling low
But then the Heavens opened up casting light on all below
And I saw something green just blowin' in the wind
So I rolled it up and smoked it and I repented of my sins