Iphone EP Vol. 1 Country Songs About Drinking Beer

by Oxen Free

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Recorded on Multi Track Sound Recorder for the Iphone 4 in %100 3G on 1/19/2013. Hurriedly mixed on Protools. I hope sloppy performances and peaking vocals are what you're into, 'cuz that's what we have here. :) Probably volume 1 of 1 because this program isn't great.
released 19 January 2013
Amos Helvey- Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Lighter slide guitar, guitar percussion, handclaps
Cover photo by Meredith Tribble, pictured are the Pole Cat Brothers


released January 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Oxen Free Fort Collins, Colorado

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Track Name: Blue Ribbon Beer
Woke up this morning whiskey on my breath
Drank a pot of coffee listening to Napalm Death and
Dying Fetus on my stereo
Does me really good down in my soul

Woke up this morning, to myself I said:
"You ain't got nothin' to do, get stoned go back to bed"
and maybe I won't dream of anything
And to myself I began to sing

I don't want know gold medals all I want is a Blue Ribbon Beer
And a ticket out of here
'Cuz I don't wanna waste another year
All I want's a blue ribbon beer

I've got four walls and a bed in which to sink
I'm 21 I've got money to drink
And I don't have to go to church to pray
People preach at me all damn day

Woke up this morning only to find
Nothing in my pockets and nothing on my mind
But I can't stop this ringing in my ears
With your participation award beer
Track Name: King of Beers
Hey pretty mamma don't you see the shape I'm in
I ain't got no cold water, my shower done burned my skin

I was born in the desert, was raised in the lion's den
Sun's up, I'm honky tonkin', sun's down, I'm honky tonkin'

I ain't no prince charming, but darling, I'm the king of beers
I'll do a shot of bourbon and chase it down with everclear

There's gonna be a problem if your jukebox don't have A Love Supreme
Yeah, there's gonna be a problem if your jukebox doesn't have Celine
You know I am a viper so I have to be high to sing

I don't practice no evil, I like to keep my conscience clear
I ain't no prince charming but darling I'm the king of beers
Track Name: Banquet Beer (I'm Alone Again)
I'm wasting my time again
Staring at my phone again
You could say I'm alone again
On a Friday night
And if you asked me if I saw it comin'
I'll tell you that I tried
You could say I'm alone again
And you'd be right

You're preoccupied
You don't need me tonight
Your probably drinking shots of whiskey, dancing in the firelight
And I'm just sitting here drinking Banquet Beer
Filled with the tears I cried
You could say I'm alone again
And you'd be right

It's those country songs again
Got me feelin' wrong again
I'll just write a song instead of setting things right
And if you asked me if I saw it comin'
I'll tell you "damn right"
You could say I'm alone again
And you'd be right